Protection of Abuse

Have you been served with a protection from abuse order? Do you feel it was filed against you for revenge or another unwarranted reason? A protection from abuse order is a serious offense and it can seriously affect a person’s job, credit score, gun ownership rights and many other aspects of daily life. But, there is help. In fact, certain types of protection from abuse orders actually can be expunged.


Steven Valsamidis is an experienced criminal defense attorney, who has successfully represented clients against protection from abuse orders in Beaver, Allegheny, Butler, Lawrence and surrounding counties for over a decade. You won’t find him broadcasting his trial record here, because he respects those clients and how their trials have affected their personal and professional lives. However, he is happy to openly discuss his real-trial experience and case results with potential clients.


 If you have been served with a protection from abuse order, contact Steven Valsamidis for a free, professional consultation today.

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