Juvenile Defense Lawyer

Unfortunately, a mistake made as a child can follow a person for the rest of their life. When a child is facing any kind of criminal charges at such an early stage in life, it is important for a juvenile defense attorney to handle the case by focusing on both the short term and long term consequences.

Juvenile mistakes can cause a lifetime of consequences. Too often, a minor’s foolish behavior is over-criminalized and the repercussions are even greater. Steven Valsamidis is a Beaver, PA area juvenile defense attorney who fights to prevent adolescent mistakes from ruining a child’s future.

He has successfully represented juvenile clients from across Beaver, Allegheny, Butler, Lawrence and surrounding counties for over a decade. You won’t find him broadcasting his trial record here, because he respects those clients and how their trials have affected their personal and professional lives. However, he is happy to openly discuss his real-trial experience and case results with potential clients.

If you are a juvenile facing charges or you are trying to protect a child from the long-term effects of an adolescent mistake, contact an experienced juvenile defense attorney. Call Steven Valsamidis for a free, professional consultation today.

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