Drug Charges Defense

Maybe you were caught up in the wrong crowd; maybe you were helping out a friend; maybe you have a drug problem. Whatever the reason may be that you’re facing criminal drug charges, the fact is that the consequences are real and can be severe.

Cases that involve felony drug possession charges and other criminal drug charges are very specific. Emphasis is placed on the type and quantity of drugs involved, as well as a client’s previous record or history. Legal issues like probable cause, search warrants, pat-downs, coerced consent and Miranda rights can play pivotal roles in the outcomes of criminal drug charge cases.

Steven Valsamidis is an experienced criminal defense lawyer, who has successfully represented clients facing criminal drug charges from across Beaver, Allegheny, Butler, Lawrence and surrounding counties for over a decade. You won’t find him broadcasting his trial record here, because he respects those clients and how their trials have affected their personal and professional lives. However, he is happy to openly discuss his real-trial experience and case results with potential clients.

If you’re facing any type of criminal drug charges, including felony drug possession charges, contact Steven Valsamidis for a free, professional consultation of your case today.

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“If you find yourself in a jam with the law, don’t waste time and money just call Steven (The Greek). He does not play games, he gets to the point and gets the job done. I personally used him and he is fair and responsive. And he calls it how he sees it. I am home now with my family because of Steven and his firm.”

– Brian